Hello!  I'm Jess.

I'm a User Experience Designer in San Francisco, California.

Right now, I work at PlayHaven as their Senior UX Designer, but you might know me from VMware's Socialcast, where I was a Lead Front-End Designer, or from YP.com, where I was a CSS/HTML specialist.

And if you don't know me from any of those places, or don't know me at all, don't worry! That's what this fancy page is all about.

Let's go!


It's Jess!

I am an advocate and champion for every user. To me, the Internet is a great equalizer, and should be a level playing field for anyone who chooses to use it. That's why I'm not only an Interaction/User Experience designer, but also a strong proponent of universal accessibility.

I don't design for myself, or my coworkers, or even my friends. I design for people I've never met, from all walks of life, levels of ability and individual preferences. My goal is always, first and foremost, to make the user comfortable and happy — otherwise, how can anyone expect them to continue to use the product? From creating user personas to conducting user interviews to reviewing HTML/CSS for standards compliance, crafting an exceptional and accessible user experience is always in the front of my mind.

Of course, this doesn't mean that aesthetics should suffer — quite the opposite, actually! A great experience is both usable and beautiful. Whether designing on my own or working with a visual designer, every product I work on is held to a high aesthetic standard. Form follows function, but it's never "last but not least."

Motto: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.



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